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MLPFiM Season 1 Revised Order
As you all know, Fall Weather Friends should come before Winter Wrap-Up.
There are many concerns about episode chronology when considering season one as a whole.  There are a bunch of monsters at the start of the season, while the CMC take over during the second half.  The first half is pretty AJ/RD/PP heavy, while the last half is overloaded with Rarity and Fluttershy.  The Gala episode has an Everyone Laughs ending, but to me it feels tacked on and anti-climactic, and doesn't work as a season finale as well as Cutie Mark Crusaders would.  (S2 update: we now know the Discord episodes were produced as the season/series finale.)
If we take the air order as the chronological order:
episodes 1-10 summer/fall, year 1000 of the Summer Sun Celebration
11 Winter Wrap-Up 1001
12 Call Of The Cutie 1001
13 Fall Weather Friends 1001
14-26: spring/summer 1002
This means the mane 6 got their tickets right after saving Equestria from Nightmare Moon, then 1 3/4
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